Elite Key Machine Graphite Sensor

Inspection, cleaning, and installation

The graphite sensor is installed in the Jaw 2 spindle and is responsible for detecting the edge of keys, tips of keys, and shoulders of keys.

This is what our most up to date graphite sensor looks like:

Previous version had the spring and graphite separated into two pieces, the updated version has the spring and graphite connected together.

Checking and cleaning graphite sensor and hole:

If the 3D Elite key machine stops sensing keys effectively make sure the the graphite sensor is seated all the way onto the spindle. The graphite sensor must be touching the spindle with pressure applied by a spring with the curve at the tip matching the curve of the spindle.


Step 1:

  • Remove plate holding graphite sensor and spindle stop button into place and remove spindle stop button and spindle stop button spring.

Step 2: Remove Graphite Sensor

If the spring is not connected to your graphite sensor then you will have to blow the graphite out with a straw or compressed air. Blow in the Spindle Stop Button hole.

Arrow indicates location of Graphite Sensor:


Once the graphite sensor is removed check for and remove and burrs near the bottom of the hole. Ensure there is a clear path for the graphite sensor to drop into.


Not good:




Reinstall everything in the reverse order.