InstaCode Connection Instructions

InstaCode and LKP Software need to be installed and running at the same time on the same Windows PC that is operating the LKP Key Machine. Future support for InstaCode Live is planned but not available at this time.

All Laser Key Products key machines are supported.

Setting up InstaCode to communicate with LKP Key Machines:

Step 1:

  • Open InstaCode and go to the main menu.
  • From the InstaCode main menu click “Setup” at the top.
  • Click the “Machines”option to open the key machine list:


Step 2:

  • In the key machine list click “Add” at the bottom:


Step 3:

  • Find “Laser Key Products…” in the key machine list, select it then click “OK” at the bottom:


(if you do not see Laser Key Products in the machine selection list then please update Instacode past January 2018)

Step 3: Enter the following two options

  • TCP/IP address = localhost
  • TCP/IP port = 58990

Type in localhost and 58990 into the address and port fields and click “OK” at the bottom:

The key machine list should now have “Laser Key Products…” in the list:

Step 4:

  • Select a key as normal, if that key can be used with the Laser Key Products key machine then you will see it at the bottom left of the key information page.
  • Click “Cut Key” at the top right of the key information page to send the key data to the key machine listed at the bottom left of the key information page:

  • After clicking “Cut Key” a confirmation page is displayed with the machine and code used:

Click “Finish” at the bottom of the “Cut Key” page to send the code to the Laser Key Products software.

If you press “Finish” and get an error then double check that the Laser Key Products software is open and connected.

Refer to your machines user guide for details on how to connect a key machine to a Windows PC.

You may have to install drivers, configure drivers, or set the comm port.

(the Laser Key Products software must be running and connected to the machine before attempting to use InstaCode)


Step 5:

  • After clicking “Finish” from the InstaCode “Cut Key” page the LKP software should open and display the information from InstaCode.
  • Review which cutter to use and how to clamp the key under “Step 2: Confirm Settings”
  • Once the correct cutter and jaw clamp are in place and you are ready to cut then click the “Cut” button at the bottom under “Step 3: Cut Your Key”

You may also trace to duplicate keys from here. If you trace a key you can write down and enter the resulting cuts into InstaCode to get the code.


Step 6:

When you are ready to return to InstaCode, click the InstaCode icon on the Windows Task Bar (usually located next to the start menu button at the bottom of the screen)


Please contact Laser Key Products with a problems you may have when using InstaCode with Laser Key Products key machines.