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Key Code Retrieval System

For Windows PC. Follow activation instructions when opening for the first time after installing. Use the Trial option until you can get activated

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Total Code Retrieval System

  • Search by year/make/model for vehicles and motorcycles
  • Utility, vehicle, padlock, Illinois/ Chicago double sided and antique keys
  • Key blank cross reference
  • Progression keys / find the missing cuts
  • Frequently updated
  • Supports all popular code machines including HPC, Framon, Ilco, ITL, Laser Key Products, A-1, and Curtis
  • Online version also available
  • Phone app for Android and iPhone
  • Key blank information for the following manufacturers: JMA, KIS, Lotus, MrMinit, Original, Orion, Silco, Star, Taylor, Strattec, A-1, Axxess, Bianchi, Borkey, CEA, Cole, Curtis, Dominion, ESP, EZ-Cut, HATA, Ilco, Ilco-X, Ilco EZ, Jet
  • US-based tech support.
  • This means you can install and use it on every computer, including truck laptops, that operate out of your location. An activation code is required for each computer.
  • Locksmith Ledger Index: Find articles by subject dating back to 1985.
  • History Feature: Allows you to save any key you lookup by customer name for future retrieval.
  • Key Blank Search: Don’t know the manufacturer? Find out if you know the blank number.

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