3D Pro Key Machine

  1. Duplicates and originates Standard and High Security Keys
  2. Fully automated, controled with a Windows PC such as a netbook.
  3. Fast key cutting - most keys are cut in under one minute
  4. Solid, all machined alluminum construction
  5. Numerous accesories such as Latop Mount, Bolt Down, Tibbe Adapter and more.
  6. Cuts automotive key by code (with optional Blackhawk Codes software)


PDF Manual


Calibration video for the Retro Key Machine


Multiple xHTML pages

3D Pro Machine Types

There are three versions of 3D Pro:

3D Pro XL

The 3D Pro XL had its limtis changes from the previous versions push button to optical. The tracer flips to the back and on the left side of the main movement table are Green Black Green White Red wires along the top row. Tracer is offset to the right just like on the 3D Pro X.» visit website

3D Pro X

The 3D Pro had its tracer offset to the right of the cutter so that jaw 2 could be calibrated without removing the cutter. Under the left side of the main table that moves left and right is the push button style limit switch.» visit website

3D Pro Original

The first 3D Pro has its tracer centered directly in front of the cutter when flipped down.» visit website