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You will have to configure your computer to communicate with the 3D Pro Xtreme. If you did not order a pre-configured laptop to run your machine you will have to go into the device manager and set the communication port settings as instructed in the 3D Pro Xtreme manual and in the videos on this page.

Xtreme Calibration

How to perform all five calibrations

Key Adjustments

How to get the Xtreme to trace and cut perfectly

Space and Depth Ajustment Video


When using the machine in a vehicle, it is important that the inverter wiring be installed according to your inverter installation manual. Failure to do so can result in the machine performing incorrectly, cutting keys wrong or not at all and possibly causing damage to the machine and the computer operating it. Please choose a pure sine wave inverter with at least 1000 watts plus any watts to power additional equipment. Use proper gauge wires and correctly ground to your vehicle chassis. Bad power is the leading cause of technical problems users’ experience. Refer to the 3D Pro Xtreme S manual for details.

Space and Depth Ajustment Video

Multiple Key Selection Methods

There are mulitple ways to select keys in the 3D Pro software, if you can’t find a key one way then try another. If you try to select a key from the year make and model selector only to find the year you have is not listed then try the closest year or make of vehicle or select the key from one of the other key selection methods. It is important that when clamping a key for duplication or cutting that clamping instructions in the software be followed closely. Clamping the key wrong will result in inaccurate duplication readings and incorrect key cutting. Please pay attention to any special instructions that may be listed on the cut screen. Incorrect key clamping is the second most leading cause of problems users experience behind bad power.

Measuring Keys

Please have calipers and know how to use them to measure keys in thousandths of an inch. Search YouTube for videos about using calipers. You can use the edit screen in the software to measure keys and then use space and depth adjustments to get keys cutting perfectly. Refer to the 3D Pro Xtreme S manual for details.


Space and Depth Ajustment Video