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3D Elite
Key Machine

High Speed Multi-Purpose Key Machine Cut by Code and Duplicate Standard and High Secuirty Keys

Welcome to Laser Key Products

Established in 2007, Laser Key Products specializes in manufacturing key machines and locksmith tools. Our latest innovation is the 3D Pro Xtreme, a fully automatic high security key machine. Our journey began with the Retro, a semi-automatic key machine, and evolved into the fully automatic 3D Pro series. The 3D Pro Xtreme features a casted metal body, wider base for stability, and a durable wheel cutter for standard security keys. Our technical support team is backed by an experienced locksmith to ensure top-notch service and continuous updates to the key machine software.


The 6th iteration in our line of key machines devoloped from decades of Locksmithing experiance. This latest version features a fully casted body and an even wider base for added durability and stability.

Framon Genericode and WH Software Instacode, can interface with Laser Key Products’ key machine software.

  1. Framan Genericode is a third-party application that interfaces with Laser Key Products’ key machine software. It is likely a key code program that helps users identify and generate key codes for various types of keys. By integrating with Laser Key Products’ key machine software, Genericode can directly communicate with the key machine and send cutting instructions, allowing users to cut keys accurately based on the generated key codes. This integration streamlines the key cutting process and provides users with a seamless experience from key code identification to actual key cutting.

  2. WHSoftware Instacode is another third-party application that interfaces with Laser Key Products’ key machine software. As you previously mentioned, Instacode is a key code program developed by WH Software. By integrating with Laser Key Products’ key machine software, Instacode can send key cutting instructions to the key machine, ensuring precise key duplication based on the key code information retrieved from the Instacode database. This integration enhances the functionality of both Instacode and Laser Key Products’ key machines, providing locksmiths and key cutting professionals with a powerful and comprehensive solution for key code identification and key cutting operations.

These integrations showcase the flexibility and openness of Laser Key Products’ software ecosystem, allowing third-party developers to create software solutions that can seamlessly interact with their key machines. By enabling such integrations, Laser Key Products can expand the capabilities of their key machines and provide their customers with a more diverse range of options for key code retrieval and key cutting. It also allows end-users to work with their preferred key code software, making the overall key cutting process more efficient and convenient.