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3D Elite

Elite Key Machine PDF User Manual


3D Xtreme S 

3D Xtreme S Key Machine Help

The S model adds built in Standard Key duplication using a tracer arm that flips up and down in front of the cutting wheel. Also, the standard clamping jaw now has teeth for clamping double sided keys on their center grooves to allow the key the clamp the same on both sides.» Xtreme S PDF Manual


3D Xtreme (non-S)

3D Xtreme Key Machine Help

Building upon the 3D Pro platform the Xtreme key machines were designed to cut keys as fast as possible for those mobile locksmiths in extreme weather conditions. It features a cast aluminum body high durability cutting wheel with an optional even higher durability Carbide Cutting Wheel ($400 MSRP) » visit Xtreme (non-s) help page




3D Pro, X, XL

3D Pro Key Machine Help


Made from fully machined aluminum with thread locker on every screw makes the 3D Pro an ideal solution for the mobile locksmith where vibration from being in a vehicle is of concern. » visit 3D Pro help page


LKP Retro Key Machine Help

LKP Retro

A manual high security key machine retrofitted with a control motherboard and axis motors to make a semi-automatic. The user controls only the cutting and tracing height using the lever while the USB attached Windows PC controls the left/right and forward/back movements


InstaCode Connection Instructions (PDF)

InstaCode and LKP Software need to be installed and running at the same time on the
same Windows PC that is operating the LKP Key Machine. Future support for InstaCode
Live is planned but not available at this time. All Laser Key Products key machines are


RMA Request Form (PDF)

In case your Laser Key Products key machine is being returned for service fill out the RMA Request form and email it back to