Tools Required:

8/32” Drill bit
8/32” Tap Bit
3/32” Allen Key
9/64” Allen Key


⦁ Make sure the power is off and disconnected from the machine. The Chip Tray and X-Table end plate (left-side top table) will need to be removed. The X-Table plate will have (2) 3/32” button head screws that need to be removed.
⦁ With the machine in it’s “Home Position” you will need to use the 8/32” drill bit to drill a hole through the cast halfway across the opening for chip debris. You will then use the 8/32” tap bit to tap the hole and screw in the 8/32” silver screw with a 9/64” Allen Key through the ring connector on the Ground Wire onto the cast. (See picture below)

⦁ Push the X-Table to the left where the corner of the table is in line with the chip debris hole for access to drill the next hole. Turn the machine in its right side, where the E-Stop is facing up. Look from the bottom of the machine through the chip debris hole and check if a hole is already drilled on the right corner (from bottom) of the X-Table. If there is, screw the silver 8/32” screw through the ring connector on the wire into the hole using an 9/64” Allen Key. If not, proceed to Step 4.


⦁ Using the 8/32” drill bit, drill a hole in the upper right corner of the X-Table. The hole will go right next to where the 3/32” button head screw goes for the X-Table End Plate. Since the table is Anodized, some pressure will need to be applied to drill. Drill the hole ¼” deep, for the length of the silver screw. Then, using the 8/32” tap bit, tap the hole. Finally, screw in the silver screw through the ring connector on the wire onto the table using 9/64” Allen Key.