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Software and Parts for Laser Key Products key machines can be purchased here. Whole Key Machines can be purchased through locksmith equipment suppliers.

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Laser Key Products is a manufacturer of tools and equipment for the locksmith and related industries that have the need to make / cut keys for any application or manipulate locks such as car dealerships, law enforcement, building management, car rental, repossession / recover specialists, marine, aircraft, recreational vehicles, padlocks, safes, perimeter security.

Laser Key Products primarily manufactures key machines but also lock picks and decoders (CH-1 and BTR readers)

Laser Key Products has produced multiple key machines since 2007 such as Retro, 3D Pro, X, XL, Xtreme non-S, Xtreme S and Elite.

The “3D” in the key machine names stand for 3 Dimensions, meaning 3 Axis of motion. All of our three axis machines are typically called “3D” and then the name “3D Xtreme S” but you may see their names as just “Xtreme S” possibly even “3D Pro Xtreme S”

Two key machines are currently in production, 3D Elite and 3D Xtreme S, both have similar functionality but the 3D Elite has a 12 volt power input ability and a full coverage shield so that it can be legally sold in Europe or anywhere else that may require full shield protection for cutters.

Other than that all Laser Key Products key machines, from the 2007 Retro to the 2017 3D Elite, are capable of using our latest software and are able to cut all keys with the exception of Tubular which is not available for Retro and Slot keys which are only available to cut on machines that have a cutter wheel (3D Xtreme, 3D Xtreme S, and 3D Elite).

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