Laser Key Products is a company that was founded by Wayne Howard with the purpose of building and providing innovative key machines that gave locksmiths more capabilities. During his 30 year career as a locksmith, he recognized the need for a more dynamic key cutting machine in the locksmith equipment industry. Inspired by his own financial struggle of being a locksmith, and having to purchase overpriced single purposed key machines himself in order to keep his locksmith business running, he sought to fill this need by prototyping and creating his own key machine. Once he got a loan from the bank to purchase a CNC machine, he began prototyping his first key machine in his garage. After years of discipline, effort, determination, and sacrifice he created his own key machine and founded Laser Key Products in order to fulfill the need he saw as a locksmith for more dynamic, versatile, and innovative key cutting machines. We here at Laser Key Products still embody this vision and purpose of providing the best key cutting machines to our customers across the world.