3D Pro Xtreme Key Machine

The 5th iteration in our line of key machines devoloped from decades of Locksmithing experiance. This latest version features a fully casted body and wider base for added durability and stability. Software DownloadsHelpInstruction Manual

Standard Tracing Adapter

3D Xtreme

Sold seperately from the machine. Allows to Xtreme to duplicate standard security keys. Software configuration is necessary. This adapter is only compatible with the 3D Pro Xtreme (non-S)  
PDF Instructions
3D Xtreme
Emergency Stop
3D Xtreme
Acts as the On/Off switch. Positioned for fast access. Pushed in is ‘Off’ and twisted out is ‘On’
Calibration Stylus
3D Xtreme
When calibrating high secuirty keys for Jaw 1 and Jaw 3 the cutter is removed and the ‘Stylus’ is placed in the collet.

Standard Cutting Wheel

3D Xtreme Highly durable cutter for standard security keys.

3D Xtreme

Brush Wheel

3D Xtreme Clean dirty worn keys before duplication so that the tracer can make clean contact with original keys for duplication. Also, use the brush to smooth rough edges of newly created keys.
Four-Way Jaw
3D Xtreme
  Versatile four-way Jaw 2 clamps every concievable standard security key type.
Shavings Tray
3D Xtreme
  Captures chips that are thrown from keys while cutting.

Ongoing Evolution

We are working to increase the capabilities the 3D plaform. Recently released was Genericode for 3D Xtreme and the ability to cut tubular keys. We are working on Dimple and slotted keys.