Genericode for LKP Machines

Optional code software that comes standard with 3D Xtreme S key machines. Is also compatible with the 3D Xtreme and 3D Pro’s. Cut Automotive, Commercial, Residential, motorcycle keys and more by code. » visit website

3D Xtreme

No longer in production. The Xtreme S model replaces this non-Xtreme S. The primary differance between the two machines is that the Xtreme S has built in standard key duplication ability. The same software is used to run S and non-S versions Xtreme key machines. The non-S machines can gain the added functionality of the S type machines by purchasing the Standard Tracing Adapter.» visit website

3D Xtreme S

This is a version of the 3D Xtreme that has built in standard key duplication. Also, the 3D Xtreme S features a redesigned standard key clamp that clamps double sided keys more reliably by not requiring standard keys to not be clamped all the way to the back of the jaw like with the original 3D Xtreme. » visit website

3D Pro Original

No longer in production. The 3D Pro had three versions: 3D Pro, 3D Pro X, and 3D Pro XL. Each version was mildly different, the Pro had large motors and a tracer that was inline with the cutter. The Pro X had smaller motors and the tracer offset to the right to allow calibrating without having to remove the cutter. The Pro XL is the same as the X only that the limit switches were changed to optical switches instead of mechanical push button ones. Each version uses the same software but due to the tracer and motor differences they have different calibration numbers and power settings. At the beginning of the software installation for these machines it asks you which version of machine you have.» visit website

3D Xtreme – Standard Tracing Adapter

MSRP: $250 – This optional adapter does not come standard with the machine. Enables the 3D Xtreme high security key machine to duplicate standard security keys. » visit website

Code Jaw

For use with a card machine and high security duplicator to code high security keys by code. » visit website